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Siraaj Gas Limited is dedicated to ensuring that safe and reliable LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is readily available to households in Mogadishu, Somalia through our retail sales operations. We recognize that LPG gas is an essential energy source for daily life, and we have strategically positioned our retail outlets for easy accessibility by individuals and families.

In our retail sales operations, safety is our foremost concern. Our retail outlets are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and adhere to rigorous safety protocols to protect both our customers and our dedicated staff. Furthermore, we provide essential safety information and guidelines to our customers, empowering them to use LPG gas safely in their homes.

Quality is a non-negotiable aspect of our retail services. We take pride in offering LPG gas and gas cylinders that meet or exceed the highest industry standards. This commitment to quality ensures that our customers can rely on the efficiency and dependability of our products.

Our customer-centric approach extends to providing responsive and supportive customer services. We aim to create a positive and convenient experience for our customers, offering them the guidance and assistance they require.